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RSG Group of Companies is a progressive organization across diverse sectors as Automotive, Real Estate, Industrial Equipment, Investments and Property Development.

Bearing its roots in the sands of Kuwait, RSG Group of Companies has spanned across the Middle East, USA and South Asia.

The group takes pride in exemplary relationships with its customers, stakeholders and business partners, which have been nurtured by over three decades of thorough commitment and integrity.

​A diligent and sensitive approach to selecting the right business at the right place has been the formula for the group’s success.

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RSG Group of Companies

Property Development | Automotive | Real Estate | Industrial Equipment | Investments

Owner – Building No. 4

The past three months have shown a new breed of investors entering the market in order to capitalise on opportunities that have arisen due to the price correction witnessed in the market over the past two years.

The next boom is on its way, but its likely to be more gradual.

Having identified and studied its full potential, Raj Sahni bought Building No. 4 at Business Bay at a time when Dubai was reeling in recession.

It is by far one of RSG’s best buys in terms of pricing, features and returns on investment.


Owner of this building is registered in JAFZA under Sumit Holdings Co. Ltd., Mr. Raj Sahni being 100% shareholder.

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